J.L. Machado Logistics is an entrepreneurial initiative, relying on a team with experience in the world of logistics for a sector that requires competent performance in the face of market adversities in the areas of storage, handling and transportation of goods.

Our objective is to contribute swiftly and effectively, with solutions to the complex, implementation nature of business in the markets of the islands of the Azores and Madeira archipelagos.


Key Advantages of Utilizing our Logistical Services

  1. Avoid wasting time. Complete your sales growth projects with a new partner in the islands of the Azores and Madeira: JLM.
  2. Optimize your staff’s use of time by reducing costs resulting from travel to the islands: trips, car rentals, hotel, etc….
  3. Cover the entire national territory, without adding to the structure of your business – more clients and increased sales volume without added complexity.
  4. Take advantage of each second in a more productive manner, avoid waste.
  5. Improve your productivity in the Azores and Madeira archipelagos with JLM: the right partner in the market of the islands.
  6. Reduce your storage, handling and distribution costs.
  7. Reduce administrative costs.

J. L. Machado offers the logistical services storage, handling and distribution.


At JLM we assure adequate storage of your products in our warehouses, regardless of their type. Your goods are in good hands:
  • Guarded goods through controlled security with CCTV
  • Storage of goods on shelves, according to your requests.
  • Monitoring of maximum/ minimal stock levels (warnings of end of stock)
  • Stock reports and movement of stock reports with the frequency you need


Handling - your goods are processed with maximum attention to detail in picking up, delivering and preparing your orders.

Monitored unloading your goods are received in our warehouses in containers and are palletized or repacked for later delivery to your customers.

Total implementation of HCCP (tracking, pest control, critical point control)

Preparation of your requests/orders – pick-up, packaging, based on your delivery system (FIFO, FEFO, SERIAL NUMBERS, ETC.)

Handling - we respond to your needs for massive preparations with a wide range of services:
  • Packaging
  • Filming of packages
  • Back labeling and codification
  • Wrapping
  • Packing to size
  • Diverse handling


We manage the delivery of your products and take care of point-to-point drop-offs and pick-ups, keeping you informed regularly of the status of deliveries to customers.